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Hallmark Channel


Cedar Cove (season 3)

3,449 views Comments (11)


12 episodes

Olivia Lockhart is a judge who works in the small town of Cedar Cove. The profession requires her to take an active part in the life of the town. That is why the relationship with her daughter – Justine does not go right well. Olivia tells her what to do – to learn, and then go to university, to do an internship in the state service, and then a she is expected a great career. Therefore, Justin could have a normal relationship with the guys. Soon Olivia meets a nice man in whom she gradually falls in love. Where will this lead?


When Calls the Heart (season 2)

2,678 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

When Calls the Heart is an American drama series based on the book by Janette Oke. The main character is Elizabeth Thatcher. She is the daughter of a rich father and, at the same time, she is working as a schoolteacher. Once Elizabeth decided to start a new independent life that’s why she went to a small mining town, located on the border of the state. There the girl meets Abigail Stanton who suffers from the death of her husband. He died from the explosion in the mine. Everyone in this town loved Elizabeth except Jack Thornton. Jack distrust to Elizabeth because she is from wealthy family, so he is watching her. A protagonist, meanwhile, take another serious challenge…


farscape-the-peacekeeper-wars-521e6147a7e6bA mighty and powerful Skarran Empire declared war on the forces of peacekeepers. Skarrans attack one star system after another, and it seems this war will be the last war in the galaxy. Two months later, John Crichton – the man from Earth and Aeryn Sun were broken up into crystals on the water planet, their friends manage to finally assemble and revive them. The inhabitants of the underwater world are descendants of adolyns race. They have a ability to inspire good intentions. A living spaceship Moya sent to Arnessku (adolyns homeland), in the hope that they gather with their descendants and will be able to stop the galactic war.



The Good Witch’s Wonder (2014)

1,158 views Comments (10)

151391.jpg_image_scaler_0x600Cassie has a little time to plan the wedding of his stepson Brandon and Tara. In addition, Martha has achieved her goal and she became a mayor of Middletown. Martha wants Cassie led the auction to raise funds for a botanical garden. When Audrey arrives in the city in search of work, Cassie hires her to work in her shop Bell, Book & Candle. Audrey even offers help in the organization of the auction. However, things go awry when the auction items go missing. It should use its authority and help Martha and her husband / Police Chief Jake to uncover the truth…



The Good Witch’s Family (2011)

1,210 views Comments (5)

timthumbThe brand new part of the series “The Good Witch’s Family” we get to know that the Mayor Tom Tinsdale wants to build a bridge across the river. His wife, Martha, leads the opposition, but she is facing a great challenges, because locals want to see Cassandra as a mayor. At this time, Jake is trying to clean up the city and swept away the huge wave of demonstrations. Meanwhile, Brandon writes a song to be accepted in the Academy of Music. But for Cassie the news are really surprisingly shocking, her niece Abigail was found, who is not so good as Cassandra and she had a very bad past…


the-good-witch-s-destinyAfter Cassandra Nightingale managed all her problems in the city, she can breathe easy. And she even has a reason to celebrate this victory and gather the whole family together. Cassie has a birthday soon and she starts preparing for it. Every distant reletive arrived to her home. However, when Cassandra learns the history of her family she get known that her family has an ancient curse. This fact played a major role in the mystery of the disappearance of her great-aunt New adventures await her …


the-good-witch-s-charmThe series begins with the fact that Cassandra Nightingale grew up her newborn baby daughter and now she works as the mayor of the city. Cassie and her husband, City Sheriff Jake Russell, did not get much sleep because of a busy schedule. Hoping for a break, Cassie plans needed vacation with her new family. But things go wrong when a crime wave covers the city and the investigation did not bring any result, all this destroys the image Cassie. The matters get worse, when her stepdaughter suddenly accused of robbery. Cassandra in full support of its true friends and family, but she needs to put an end to rumors, gossip and looting that have flooded the city and ruined the reputation of the mayor.



The Good Witch’s Gift

630 views Comments (3)

the-good-witch-s-giftAfter Cassandra finally settled down in a new place, she became acquainted with many people. We should underline two of them. In the beginning it was Leon, with whom Cassie immediately began a relationship, as a result, they broke up, but she wasn’t single to long. Soon Jake appears on the horizon, they erupted whirlwind romance. Love makes it clear to young people that this will lead to serious family steps. Jake does offer Cassandra and loud wedding just around the corner. But will it continue to be so perfect to the end?


the-good-witch-s-gardenEverything begins with the fact that Cassandra Nightingale – a young woman arrives in a small provincial town. She is known to anyone, but for the locals the apperance of the new woman makes a real buzz. Everyone are becoming interested in Cassandra and it leads to strange consequences. Soon it immediately caused rumors that she was a witch and so on so worth. Foes become equally as those who are very happy with her arrival. The mayor’s wife starts to molest women. That’s why Cassandra is going to use his witch charms and establish the situation …



The Good Witch

1,547 views Comments (9)

1105729Catherine Bell is the producer and actress who play a main role in the TV series Good Witch. It all starts with the fact that a mysterious woman arrived in a small town. It immediately makes a splash in the district, as she is a very attractive and unusual for the locals.  Her visit has left nobody indifferent – it is a fact, but not everyone liked this event. Who is this woman? One of those who was against the arrival of the girl is the mayor’s wife. She started a campaign against Cassandra Nightingale and her imminent departure from the city. So who is Cassandra?